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The Daily Courier, Kids Connection insert article, March 2013

The Daily Courier, Editorial on Kids Deserve Better, February 9, 2013


The Daily Courier, Don Plant article on the State of the Child Report 2012

Peachland View, Mayor Fielding commentary on the State of the Child Report release event, November 23, 2012

Capital News, Jennifer Smith article on the State of the Child Report, November 23, 2012

Daily Courier, Steve MacNaull Article on Richard Louv guest speaker for CATCH Network Gathering, November 18th, 2012

Capital News, Judy Steeves article on getting outdoors with kids and Richard Louv November 16, 2012

Presentation to the West Kelowna Council Westside Weekly article April 26, 2012

~ Both West Kelowna and Peachland councils have determined to make our communities childfriendly, partly due to the work of an agency called
CATCH (Community Action Toward Children's Health.)  Mayor Keith Fielding of Peachland said recently he pledged to ask himself in regard to any policy,
"Is it good for the children?"

District of West Kelowna hosting dialogue Capital News article January 2012


Castanet letter to the editor on 2011 State of the Child Report December 14 2011
            Reply letter by CATCH Chair Kent Stralbiski
December 15 2011

State of the Child Report release
on CHBC video (at minute 11) November 18th

State of the Child Report release
in Capital News November 22nd

Cris Rowen workshop
on CHBC March 4th

Dr Paul Kershaw is featured on the front page of the business section of the Daily Courier on March 9th.

Dr Paul Kershaw speaks on Smart Family Policy
Capital News article March 2011

Dr Gordon Neufeld speaks on anxiety disorders
Capital News article March 2011

Amanda Turner speaks to West Kelowna Council on the State of the Child Report article 
Capital News article February 2011


Release of the 3rd State of the Child Report: Central Okanagan 2010
, Nov 19th.   You can see our 2 minutes of fame on CHBC news by going here.  You can find us at 11:09 in the time bar.

CATCH Network Gathering link and article.


B.C. needs to do more to help kids


November 2008

Okanagan Kids Are OK - Kelowna Daily Courier November 24, 2008

Kelowna has highest number of children taken into government care - Kelowna Capital News, November 20, 2008

Forum About Kids - Kelowna Capital News - October 23, 2008


January 11, 2008  Day care needs attention when even senior sees the need


December 2, 2007  B.C.’s poor rating has health officers calling for new strategy

 November 21, 2007 Kids Rule

November 19, 2007: City Hall Ponders Daycare Initiatives Article

November 10,2007  Child-Safety obstacles identified

November 1-2, 2007 Cities Fit For Children Summit

October 18, 2007: CATCH Brain Architecture ad

September 6, 2007: Town Gets 24K Sucess Grant Article

September 5, 2007: SB6 Brings Education Mantra to Westside Article

September 2, 2007: Bell Community Sport Fund Helps Get Kids Skating Article

September, 2007: Parenting Programs Receive Funding Article

Aug 29, 2007: Cash to Give Kids a Head Start Article

Aug 28, 2007: Helping Children Succeed Article

Aug 10, 2007: CATCH to Spark Child Initiatives Article

July 29, 2007: Thinking Pathways Set by Age Six Letter

June 29, 2007: Daycare Subsidy Puts Squeeze on Parents Article

June 29, 2007: Childcare Boosted by Pennies Article 

May 27, 2007: IH to Study Child Care as an Employment Issue Article

May 23, 2007: Local Gov'ts Can Take a Child Care Lead Editorial

May 23, 2007: Advocates Push for More Spaces Article

April 18, 2007: Trustees Push Child Care article

March 20, 2007: Budget Gets Failing Grade on Day Care Article

March 20, 2007: Faint Applause for Budget Editorial

March 20, 2007: Give With One Hand, Take From The Other Article

March 2, 2007:Rich Get Richer Article

March 2, 2007: Child Care Offices Not Closing Article

Feb 21, 2007: Day Care Disappointment Budget Article

Feb 14, 2007: Ottawa's Attack on Child Care Letter

Feb 9, 2007: Keep the Child in Child Care Article

Feb 9, 2007: More Child Care Protests on Way Article

Feb 7, 2007: Child Care Workers Vent Frustration Article

Feb 7, 2007: Day Care Workers and ECE Students Protest Article

Feb 7, 2007: Protest Picture

Feb 7, 2007: Westbank CATCH Web Questionnaire Ad

Feb 7, 2007: Child Care Workers Feeling Ignored Article

Feb 7, 2007: BC Has More Urgent Spending Priorities Whittemore Letter

Feb 7, 2007: Child Care Answers Up to Politicians Stralbiski Letter

Feb 7, 2007: Day Care Won't Get Any Cheaper Article

Feb 7, 2007: Despite Day Care Needs, Business Venture Not Enticing Article

Feb 7, 2007: Federal Cuts Leave Impact Article

Feb 5, 2007: Day Care Providers to Protest Article

Feb 5, 2007: Child Care funding Cuts Will Make Valley's Labour Shortage Worse Duffy Letter

Feb 4, 2007: NDP Leader Sounds Off on Minimum Wage, MLA Salaries and Child Care

Feb 4, 2007: What's Needed is High Quality Child Care, Whether Public or Private Letter

Feb 4, 2007: Regulated Child Care is an Investment Letter

Feb 4, 2007: Child Care Workers Can't Subsidize Parents of Their Young Charges Letter

Feb 4, 2007: Child Care Funding Cuts Could Close Centres: Operator Article

Feb 1, 2007: Black Day Marked on Feb 6 McKinlay Letter



Jan 31, 2007: Writers Adamant About Province Pulling Back on Child Care Funding 3 Letters

Jan 31, 2007: Most Vulnerable Children Protected Thorpe Article

Jan 30, 2007: Thanks, Minister for Funding Some Programs Letter

Jan 27, 2007: CATCH Community Web Poll Ad

Jan 26, 2007: Children Suffer After Closure of Resource Office Letter

Jan 26, 2007: Aboriginal Parent Support Network Being Persued

Jan 25, 2007: Peachland Residents Asked to Invest in the Future of Children

Jan 24, 2007: Parents Can Take Active Role in the Future of Their Children

Jan 24, 2007: Child Care Cuts Hurt Kids, Parents Letter

Jan 24, 2007: CATCH Seeking Public Opinion

Jan 23, 2007: Child Care Problems Will Get Much Worse Letter

Jan 23, 2007: Parents Face Waits as Tories Dither on Child Care

Jan 18, 2007: Lake Country to Build "Jewel"

Jan 2007: Today's Parent - Child Care: What Canadian Parents Need Now

Jan 17, 2007: Every Child for Himself, According to the Libs

Jan 17, 2007: Province Missing Big Picture View of Needs Letter to the Editor

Jan 14, 2007: Finding Good Day Care to Get Harder

Jan 14, 2007: Linda Reid Letter to the Editor

Jan 12, 2007: Choosing Priorities on Child Development

Jan 12, 2007: Cuts Expected to Close Child Care Referral Centres

Jan 11, 2007: Big Corporations Eye Elder Day Care

Jan 10, 2007: Child Care to Cost You More

Jan 10, 2006: BC Parents to Pay More for Child Care

Jan 7, 2006: Day Care Cuts Puzzling Move Editorial

Jan 7, 2006: Ottawa May Increase Cash for Child Care

Jan 6, 2006: Child Care Advocate Decry Cuts

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