The Community Action Toward Children's Health
(CATCH) coalition is a partnership of individuals and organizations who take seriously the notion that it takes the whole community to raise a child. The partners of the CATCH coalition endeavour to make the Central Okanagan the best possible place to raise young children by following their mission: "working together for the healthy development of children in their early years (conception to school entry) in the Central Okanagan".

About Us

CATCH is a movement of people, agencies, businesses and governments that acts as a catalyst & facilitator for improving early childhood development in the Central Okanagan. Based on input from the Community Network, CATCH operates under a non-hierarchical structure according to values identified by community members.

The CATCH Structure

The CATCH organizational structure, which overlays and supports the coalition has evolved through different models in response to changing circumstances. A dedicated team of community participants called the Terms of Reference Team, worked hard on creating a new structure for CATCH that integrated outcomes of a community network workshop held in June 2004.

The structure is non-hierarchical coalition leadership model designed to reflect a number of values articulated at the June 2004 community network workshop. This facilitates fostering ownership and motivation, as well as promotion of equality, sustainability, accountability and participatory democracy.

Here is a short video done in 2008 that highlights what we do: Whats Working 2008 video

The structure includes the following elements:

Community Network: everyone with a stake/interest in early childhood development in the Central Okanagan

Action Teams: groups of people (individuals and organizations) participating in one of the core activities of CATCH . Action Teams focus on implementing strategies outlined in the CATCH Action Plan and play a part in the overall early childhood development movement

Integration Team: a group dedicated to promoting the CATCH vision and steering the collaborative work of the movement

CATCH Team: CATCH has contractors to support the CATCH Action Plan 

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