Central Okanagan

Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Priorities

Aboriginal CATCH organized a community dialogue in 2008 to identify priorities for healthier families and children in the early years.

The priorities are seen as interconnected and integral to wholeness.  They are:

  1. More community gatherings, connection
  2. Cultural ceremonies
  3. Pride in culture and heritage
  4. Public awareness of Aboriginal strengths
  5. Role models, Elders and adults to guide families with young children
  6. Share information in the Central Okanagan Aboriginal community and beyond
  7. Healing and strengthening of families
  8. Children to learn traditional languages and holistic knowledge of the natural environment
  9. Basic needs to be met, especially the need for adequate and affordable housing

Aboriginal CATCH is responding to these priorities and encourages the community to join in making the Central Okanagan a healthier place in which to raise Aboriginal children.

For more information, please contact:
Catherine Disbery
Aboriginal CATCH Coordinator
250-764-9652 or 250-317-3016


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