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Who are we?

Formerly know as Aboriginal CATCH, this team is made up of early years professionals representing Westbank First Nation, Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society, Metis Community Services Society of BC, United Way's Success By 6, and CATCH - Community Action Toward Children's Health.

Our Vision: Get back to traditional parenting - we had it right!

Our Mission: Working together to promote children as sacred gifts who can flourish and take pride in their culture.
Our Strategic Planning:


Aboriginal Fathers: Rebuilding Our Identity

Presented by Suxkenxitelx kl cecamala (Formerly known as Aboriginal CATCH) this report documents a project exploring the experiences of fathers and practitioners in a Central Okanagan Aboriginal Fathers Engagement program. The project was conducted by the report author, Wes McVey, in partnership with Aboriginal CATCH in Kelowna, British Columbia. It was conducted on a voluntary basis as part of the author’s Masters degree program in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria, and completed in September 2016.

Full document here.

Aboriginal Fathers Engagement Program

The Aboriginal Fathers Engagement Program is a recent initiative from Aboriginal CATCH (Community Action Towards Children Health). A table representing Westbank First Nation, Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society, Métis Community Services and the Okanagan Nation Alliance. We help Aboriginal Dads (First Nation, Métis & Inuit) & Dads of Aboriginal children (ages 0-6) in the Central Okanagan to become better fathers and help keep families together.

The Aboriginal Fathers Engagement Program (AFEP) is designed to support Aboriginal dads (First Nation, Métis & Inuit), father figures, Uncles and Grandfathers in their parenting role and to increase their parenting capacity and knowledge. We assist with family support and crisis intervention and aim to strengthen the father’s role within the family circle. We do this through 1-to-1 support with dads, connecting them to existing local programs, provide monthly talking circles on traditional parenting and relationships, and hosting cultural events each quarter with a focus on early childhood development, relationship building and regenerating Aboriginal father’s identity.

For more information contact Brenden Moore.

What makes the Aboriginal program relevant and unique?

Many Aboriginal dads today have grown up off reserve and have found that culture and spirituality is a big missing part of their identity. In the first month, we got 50 dads to fill out questionnaires and found that most of the dads wanted more cultural activities, like hunting, fishing, camping and drumming to do with their kids. We are now planning to have 3 cultural events each year to teach traditional values and skills as well as celebrate our culture. We also have monthly Connection Groups that give us an opportunity to share stories, develop relationships and watch other dads interact with their children.  

Aboriginal Dads Talking Circle – Giving Voice (Stopping Violence Against Aboriginal Women & Girls)

The Aboriginal Dads Engagement Program hosts an Aboriginal Dads Talking Circle every month, to which we gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Province of British Columbia. The purpose is to develop a Talking Circle that uses holistic approaches in Aboriginal communities to assist communities in healing or rebuilding from the impacts of violence against women.

We help the Aboriginal Dads to learn traditional parenting methods, such as teaching our children the 7 Sacred Teachings, like Honor, Respect and Love. We help them to improve their relationship skills, anger management and provide a peer support network of other dads who they can meet and share stories with.

Dads in Gear - 8 Week Program in partnership with The Bridge, UBCO, & Canadian Cancer Society

Dads in Gear (DIG) is a unique, evidence-based program for expectant and new dads who want to be healthy and smoke-free. DIG integrates 3 interconnected themes: Being a Dad, Being a Healthy Dad, and Being a Smoke-free Dad in a unique, creative and masculine approach that is activity-based and interactive.


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