Central Okanagan Family Hub - Kelowna

Hello Hub partners and friends.  Here you can find all the documents generated during this community driven process.

Kelowna Family Hub Community Partners are:

  • Aboriginal CATCH
  • ARC Program
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
  • Community Action Toward Children’s Health (CATCH)
  • Central Okanagan Boys and Girls Club
  • Central Okanagan Division of Family Practice
  • Central Okanagan Partners for Literacy
  • Central Okanagan Foundation
  • City of Kelowna
  • Dr. Stan Szombathy - Pediatrician
  • Interior Health
  • Intercultural Society of the Central Okanagan
  • Regional District of the Central Okanagan
  • Kelowna Community Resources

  • Ki-Low- Na Friendship Centre
  • Metis Community Services Society of BC
  • Ministry of Child and Family Development – Central Okanagan
  • MCFD – Office of the Early Years
  • School District #23 and Pearson Road Elementary School
  • Starbright Childrens Development Centre (COCDA)
  • Success By 6
  • The Bridge Youth and Family Services
  • The F.O.R.C.E Society for Kids Mental Health
  • The Okanagan Sikh Temple and Cultural Society Kelowna
  • UBC Okanagan School of Social Work
  • United Way of the Central and South Okanagan/Similkameen

Central Okanagan Family Hub Development Process Timeline

Throughout 2014 ­ 2015

  • Several presentations with School District No. 23 sub­committees and staff groups to obtain support and commitment
  • Conversations and meetings held with potential funders including: United Way, Office of the Early Years, Central Okanagan Foundation, and Central Okanagan Funders Table.

July 2014

  • First large community gathering to dialogue about the concept of a community Hub.
  • Began forming our vision and mission statements and goals.
  • Decision made to use Central Okanagan Family Hub as our name with intent to have a Hub in each community.
  • Dialogue about location possibilities and what would meet needs of families. Suggestion that Pearson Road Elementary had space available.
  • Facilitator was a key part of a physical space for our community. The community looked at the needs and barriers for families in the community and determined that a welcoming face at a physical location best met the needs.
  • Draft proposal created to request in kind space from School District No.23.
  • Commitment provided from individuals who are interested in continuing to develop the plan to move the idea of the Hub forward.

September 2014

  • Letters of support requested from Hub partners
  • From the partners that expressed interest in serving as Hub Host, the Committee decided to accept  the offer from Kelowna Community Resources.

November 2014

  • Committee acknowledgment they will need a Term of Reference document and a host agency that can be responsible for hiring staff as well as signing contracts with funders and School District No.23.

December 2014

  • Committee came to general consensus to have Kelowna Community Resources to serve as host agency.

January 2015

  • Several subcommittees were struck to be able to follow­up on the recommendations from November.  Subcommittees included the Terms of Reference, Hub Facilitator Job Description, and Fund Development.
  • Terms of Reference subcommittee met and developed draft.

February 2015

  • Hub Facilitator Job Description subcommittee met and developed draft job description.

March 2015

  • Dialogue around having additional staff beyond a single facilitator
  • Terms of Reference approved and committed to by the Committee
  • Hub Facilitator Job Description approved by the Committee
  • Fund Development subcommittee met to begin work on grant writing template. This subcommittee work with be ongoing.

May 2015

  • Committee acknowledges that the application for Early Centre Funding will support families with children age 0­6. Committee wishes to look to enhance that funding in order to open the hub to families of all ages.

June 2015

  • Agreement in principle with School District No. 23 confirmed for the in kind donation of space at Pearson Road elementary for the Central Okanagan Family Hub.

August 2015

  • Interior Health confirms Community Health will be available to be on­site at the Hub.
  • Committee identified a need to consult with families around the Hub, and recognized the need to go out to parents to gather their input.

September 2015

  • Following discussion in March, proposed budget for two staff members along with additional supporting funds developed.
  • Design Subcommittee was formed to assist in designing the look, feel and functionality of the space.  Inclusion of parents as well as school district will be imperative to this subcommittee.
  • Announcement by the Aboriginal Community that they will be applying for Early Years Centre funding for a hub located at Westbank First Nation.
  • Community services provide proposed on­site community programs and services at the Hub ­ pages 14­-25 of the EYC Application

September ­ November 2015

  • Community Consultation subcommittee developed. UBCO students partnered to design and implement an online community consultation survey to gather information from parents. Many presentations with parent groups and at community events took place to engage and gather information. Community consultation remains ongoing.

October 2015

November 2015

  • Committee decides to create an action plan for the Hub.

February 2016

  • Hub Action Plan workshop with Joanne Schroeder and Warren Helfrich to create a Hub Action Plan as well as take initial steps to create an Evaluation plan.
  • Funding approved for both Central Okanagan Hubs with the Office of the Early Years and United Way.
  • Interim Leadership committee formed
  • Current subcommittees include: Design Committee, Community Consultation, and Fund Development.
  • External Partnership application with School District #23 is being finalized.
  • Partner Memorandum of Understanding created.

March 2016

May 2016

  • Hub staff hired!

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